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Two Guides to Radio News - Writing and Production

Back to basics.

Below are two guides to writing and producing radio news, with an emphasis on newswriting, used in my training and journalism education work.

A Caribbean Guide to Radio Newsis part of the original text for my MA International Journalism thesis project, used subsequently to develop station style guides. It was also the main text that brought together the basics of writing, interviewing and presentation in the UWI Open Campus's course on broadcast journalism. Chapter 3 on page six covers writing.

The chapter, News Broadcasting, is from the Handbook for Caribbean Journalists, this classic, must-read text still used by veterans, though long out of print, sadly.

Yes, there is such a thing as Caribbean Standard English - not a dialect per se, but a variant of Internationally Accepted English in usage in the Anglophone Caribbean. Read more about this in the excellent Dictionary of Caribbean English Usage (Oxford University Press) by the renowned Caribbean linguist, the late P…