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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Producing Talk Shows for Radio

It's time we abandon our fatigued approach to talk radio in the Caribbean, with its open-phones: ever-swirling vortices of ignorance, prejudice and cynicism, with banality at the core. Move away from lazy open-phone shows, avoid "today we'll talk about..." or "our topic for today is..." BANNED. Don't even mention the word 'topic' or 'subject' on air.... From now on the issue/event/personality is actually a question and is posed in the form of a question. It's what any reporter starts with; you could do worse.

Listen also to the talk radio shows I've highlighted.
Web sites: Jeremy Vine, BBC Radio 2 and LBC 97.3 FM/London.

The concept: POSE QUESTIONS as headlines for a segment as opposed to "next, we talk about diabetes." RATHER: "What would you do if you doctor says you have diabetes?" OR "Are you controlling your diabetes?" OR "Why is Diabetes killing so many Antiguans?" QUESTIONS based around the facts or seeking the truth from guests are provocative and pull listeners in; topic sentences turn listeners off.

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