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Producing Talk Shows for Radio

It's time we abandon our fatigued approach to talk radio in the Caribbean, with its open-phones: ever-swirling vortices of ignorance, prejudice and cynicism, with banality at the core. Move away from lazy open-phone shows, avoid "today we'll talk about..." or "our topic for today is..." BANNED. Don't even mention the word 'topic' or 'subject' on air.... From now on the issue/event/personality is actually a question and is posed in the form of a question. It's what any reporter starts with; you could do worse.

Listen also to the talk radio shows I've highlighted.
Web sites: Jeremy Vine, BBC Radio 2 and LBC 97.3 FM/London.

The concept: POSE QUESTIONS as headlines for a segment as opposed to "next, we talk about diabetes." RATHER: "What would you do if you doctor says you have diabetes?" OR "Are you controlling your diabetes?" OR "Why is Diabetes killing so many Antiguans?" QUESTIONS based arou…