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Video Tutorial I - Edit with Audacity!

If you can afford it, there's Adobe Audition (formerly Cool Edit Pro), which brought non-linear digital audio editing to the masses of lowly radio producers and reporters in 1996. Radio hasn't been the same since... But it costs a bundle, now that it's part of the Adobe Creative Suite bundle...

For my students, I've posted this introductory video tutorial to basic recording and editing with the next best thing - Audacity. It's FREE software, almost every bit as powerful as a full-featured Adobe Audition version 1.5, and it's available for download at

Here's how to go about downloading Audacity version 1.2.6:

Now here's a short video tutorial on editing audio with Audacity:

For continued learning on Audacity download these handy guides to Audio Editing by Mindy McAdams, in Adobe Acrobat files (.pdf):

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