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The Future of AM Radio

While Caribbean broadcasters shut down their Medium Wave (AM) radio transmitters one by one, reports of the death of AM in the United States, whose economy we ape, are greatly exaggerated...

Every day, Americans spend more time with radio than TV or newspapers. Radio is everywhere. If you want to buy a car without a radio you’ll have to special-order it. Talk is radio’s most-listened-to, most Sales-opportune format. For 30 years in this industry, I’ve had lots of fun, worked real hard, and made a great living. But radio isn’t all I do. I’m also in retail, and am myself a radio advertiser. I’m a big, big fan.

Every industry is changing. Like airlines, banks, and the family farm, life is very different in radio today than it was “when we got into the business.” And we can already see that radio will change even more in the near future than it has in the recent past. It’s human nature to dread change, but I am very optimistic about radio’s future…